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Lowerping has history. We started in the industry in 2005, creating the world’s first gaming-focused VPN. Millions of players around the world have used our program to get faster speeds and more stable connections to their favorite online games with one click. We have a simple philosophy: everything about our program should be simple and easy to use. If you don’t want to spend hours messing around with your router or with complicated networking software, our software gets it all done in a single click. Pick from one of our many dedicated servers and our program will find the most efficient way to route your home connection to your game’s servers.

Whether you need to fix input lag in League of Legends, avoid lag spikes in World of Warcraft, dominate your opponents in CS:GO without rubber banding, or get off the most actions-per-minute in Overwatch, Lowerping allows you to do just that without being held back by a bad connection. Your Internet Service Provider doesn’t optimize your home network for gaming. These companies configure their networks in a way that works well for streaming online movies and downloading files, but they don’t really spend a lot of time thinking about your ping in a competitive online game. With Lowerping, you connect to our virtual private network and get lightning-fast response times.

No matter what game you’re playing, we’re always expanding our network to include new servers that will help you route your connection efficiently to your favorite game realms. With constant updates and new supported games, you can be sure you’ll always have the edge over other players who are simply connecting to the game with their ISP.

Even if you’re playing on a realm or server outside of your country or continent, our software allows American players to get the lowest ping possible on European servers, Australians to easily connect to American servers with almost no lag, and vice versa.

Setup is simple and the interface is intuitive and easy to use. As the gaming VPN industry’s oldest innovators, we’ve stayed on top of the game and we continue to provide top-tier service to our clients as new competitive games enter the market. For a list of all of the games we currently support, check out our supported games page. Keep in mind that those aren’t the only games supported by our software; Lowerping supports all games, but our supported games are ones that the program can automatically detect and choose the best settings for. You can still set up our software for every other game too, and it’s just as easy!

Choose Lowerping to lower ping and reduce lag.

Our Supported Games

We support pretty much every game you can think of however if you want our list of popular games people are using our services on check out our supported games page

Who is Lowerping?

Lowerping was the the founding gaming VPN over 10 years ago and we have always prided ourselves on the ability to provide the best service possible with the lowest possible latency.

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