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Posted  June 2015

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Bonus time comes to an end
Posted Friday 7th of June 2013 by Reilly

We would like to thank all of our customers for their patience; our servers were experiencing technical difficulties. As a result, all subscribers were credited with 2 weeks of free time. As it has come to an end, we hope you enjoyed your free time, and that you stick with Lowerping in the future! At the moment, the new and improved Lowerping client is still under development, but we’re hard at work to bring it to you as quickly as possible! 

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  • Lowerping is by far the most reliable service around for high end arena. Spending hours gaining points back from a DC can be overwhelming, thanks Lowerping.
    Due to Lowerping my latency was dropped by around 60%, for such a small fee a month. I would recommend this to anyone with latency problems.
  • I actually don't know any competetive Oceanic players who play without Lowerping. It's basically a must.
    I've consistently found that lowerping is the best proxy service available. Constant low ping and great service
  • Lowerping is a MUST for anyone that plays WoW whether it be for PvE or PvP Lowerping is essential to maximize you're playing ability and not have to cope with **** australian ping deformities.
    Lowerping is the best thing to ever happen to wow for oceania players, I could not imagine playing wow without it.
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